Crisis Management: Leading in the New Strategy Landscape - 4th Edition!

How can you identify crisis vulnerabilities in your organization?

How has the COVID-19 pandemic created crises in organizations?

What is the most effective way to handle a crisis?

How can you prevent or mitigate crises in the future?

You will find the answers to these questions and more in this fully updated edition of Crisis Management: Leading in the New Strategy Landscape. This book will help you develop the skills and knowledge you will need to handle organizational crises effectively and strategically. The authors, all experts in crisis management, will guide you through a four-stage crisis management framework:

  1. Landscape Survey: Identifying potential crisis vulnerabilities
  2. Strategic Planning: Organizing the crisis management team and writing the plan
  3. Crisis Management: Addressing the crisis when it occurs
  4. Organizational Learning: applying lessons from crises so that they will be prevented or mitigated in the future

You will also get a timely look at future trends with crisis management plans and teams, and you will explore a wide range of cases that demonstrate how real-world crisis events were managed. Discussion questions and references with each case, end-of-chapter class exercises, and an outline of the key components of a crisis management plan are included.

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